Thursday, November 11, 2010

I love my Daddy and God

My dad bought me a gun. My daddy is taking me on a hunting trip. We will be hunting squirrels. I have been reading Junie B Jones book. I am still on first part of this stage. I love my daddy because he loves me too. I think that Jesus is a good part of my life. God saved a little boy and he got to tell his mom and dad how many angels were there with them. Their family was in a car accident. God made Indians and me and you. God saved the flag from the British who were bad people  when they attacked Fort McHenry. Thank you to all who have protected our Country.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Makenzee Love's Mom

I got up this morning and made my bad. I then cleaned up my room. We ate breakfast had momma's home made peanut butter granola. We got dressed and went to the library.

When we got to the Library and had story time. Ms. Faith (Rapides Parish Library) is the story reader and she read The Napping House By: Aubrey Wood . When I was going to a public school the teacher read this book to my class. I liked this book. This book reminds me of Gods house might be like. Fluffy and one big bed! If someone asks to sleep on the bed I would say yes or if I was a sleep God would say yes. Because we are all family color don't matter.

We then left the library went to the store. We bought some chicken that was fried it was really really good. If I could have I would have eaten bones. After the store we went home and did our school work. Mom forgot that Jon-Jon my brother had a dr.'s appointment so we had to jump in the explorer and rush to the dr's. After that it was church time! At church we had given $5.00 to help make a Christmas box for the children that do not have money to buy food and water. I had to earn my $5.00 dollars to be able to give it for another little kid.

After Church we came home we calmed down and had grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. I started reading Junie B. Jones and her big fat mouth. Then we got on our jammies and Mom helped me make this special BLOG for me to share whats on my mind. Thank you Momma for helping and giving me a chance to be heard and one day I will type this without help!

Thank you for stopping by~

Girls play by the golden rule...
We won the gold! We Rule!
-- Author Unknown